Dream Machines: Action Track Wheelchairs Bring Independence to our Service Members

Several of our catastrophically injured service members have started down their new path of life after months of rehabilitation. They still have desires to be independent and do the things they once did, but they are now limited due to the loss of multiple limbs. A new path of life requires a new method of transportation, and that is why the Semper Fi Fund assisted these Marines with a dream machine: a wheelchair with a track instead of wheels. The Action Track Chair is just the machine to get these young men back into a life they enjoy: hunting, getting out in the woods, riding on the sandy beaches, etc. Instead of watching from afar as his child plays in the snow for the first time, a young father gets to join in without worry of falling on the slippery terrain.

Action Track Wheelchair
Read about these great machines in the words of our service members who have regained some of their independence:

“Having a track chair has allowed me to enjoy things I could not in a standard wheel chair. This December I got to spend time with my wife and daughter in the snow, something I would not do without the track chair…We live in a small town and are surrounded by mountains. It has always been a hobby to spend time in the mountains and down by creeks. This chair is an amazing asset to me fitting back into the life I once knew, and my family and myself are forever grateful. I cannot express how much this chair helps me be independent and helps me move forward to our new normal life.” – Zach S.
Action Track Wheelchair


“The chair is going great. I ride my son in it with me down to the pond, which is through a pasture…The chair has made things so much easier for me. I walk everywhere but even with uneven ground like a pasture and mud and sand it’s still hard for me, but with the chair when I need that support there’s no doubt that it gets the job done. Thank you for all your help.” – Tony M.


“First off, I would like to thank Semper Fi Fund for helping me with my action track chair. The chair is going to allow me to get back to doing what I love, hunting and fishing, and just getting back outdoors where I love to be. It means a lot getting this chair because it will allow me to be adventurous again. I grew up running around in the woods and creeks near my home and I’m thrilled at having the opportunity to do it again. I would like to say thanks again, Semper Fi Fund!” – Josh S.
“I can maneuver through the woods and around bodies of water easily. I have personally tried walking through the woods to get to a deer stand to do some hunting and the hike into the woods proved very difficult. Once I had reached the stand I was very tired as well as very late to the stand due to the terrain troubles and having to search for easier routes. With being a double amputee above the knee comes trouble with very uneven ground and also covered holes that are not visible. Tony M. and myself are starting an organization that exposes wounded warriors to the public while taking them on hunting and fishing trips. I plan on using the chair to aid in making these trips into the woods easy and much faster. With this chair I would be able to get around and through rough terrain.” – Michael B.
Action Track Wheelchair

The video clip below shows two of our heroes in action, utilizing the chairs in different conditions. Hearing their stories, listening to their laughter, and seeing them smile as they do what they love is all the assurance that the Semper Fi Fund needs to know that we are assisting these service members with independence they may not have had otherwise on their new path of life.

The Semper Fi Fund takes pride in offering a variety of programs and grants to meet the needs of the service members we assist. We started with a simple goal of helping one service member and have now reached out to over 8,600. The injuries of this war have not been simple; in fact they are life altering, and will require support for years to come. The Semper Fi Fund is committed to staying beside these heroes who have given so much.