Marine Corporal Jon Schumacher –The Past, Present, and Future of a Fund Family

Marine Corporal Jon Schumacher and his amazing family specialize in creating innovative and homemade products on their homestead, Rowdy Roughneck Ranch. But long before Jon and his family began this incredible business, they experienced trials that both tested and strengthened their remarkable bond.

The Past: Jon joined the Marines with a “desire to serve my country and better myself,” he said. He deployed twice to Afghanistan in 2010 and 2011 and suffered severe injuries as the result of an improvised explosive device. A triple amputee, Jon spent over three months in the hospital, where he and his wife, Courtney-who was eight months pregnant with their second son-first encountered Semper Fi & America’s Fund. The Fund threw a baby shower for Courtney at the hospital, where she formed a unique support system with other expectant moms awaiting their loved one’s recoveries. To ensure Jon could remain with his wife during her labor, The Fund covered the costs of travel for their 4-year-old son and extended family to join them at the hospital, as well.

This allowed Courtney the opportunity of time and effort to be devoted to my care at a critical time when I was still fighting for my life and decisions were being made regarding surgeries that would affect the rest of my life,” said Jon.  

When Jon returned home, The Fund provided vehicle grants to help with Jon’s many medical appointments, allowing the sole focus to remain on his ongoing recovery with his wife and young sons, Ethan and Easton, always by his side.

The Present: Now medically retired, Jon and his family are thriving on their very own homestead and running a business they started with the assistance of The Fund’s Apprenticeship Program. Crafting their original goat milk soaps and beeswax skincare and candles began as a form of therapy and bonding for their family, and their creative and resourceful teenage sons have even launched a business of their very own-Rowdy and Resilient Clothing. Equally matching the drive and passion of their parents, Ethan and Easton design, market, and ship each item from their own clothing line alongside helping out on the ranch.

“Whether it’s helping load Dad’s 40+ lbs. wheelchair in the bed of the truck when the lift breaks or helping with daily house chores so Mom can focus her efforts elsewhere, Ethan and Easton are our very capable ranch hands … the boys learn and then accomplish whatever task they are asked to do,” said Jon and Courtney.

The Future: With no plans to slow down, The Schumacher family hopes to continue growing their wonderful business, and The Fund will be beside them every step of the way.

“My whole family feels as if we are all important to Semper Fi & America’s Fund … [they] always understood these roles and effectively expressed the sacrifice we have each made,” said Jon. “[They have] been a constant support and are a very integral reason our family is doing as well as we are today.”

For everyone at The Fund, Jon, Courtney, Ethan, and Easton serve as an example of the amazing feats that a family can accomplish together, all the while displaying incredible perseverance, unconditional love, and a deep bond that has only grown stronger in the hardships of the past, the joy of the present, and the hope of the future.

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