Lance Corporal Rudolfo Moreno

Lance Corporal Rudolfo Moreno was injured in August of 2011 while on patrol with 1st Battalion 6th Marines in support of OEF in Helmond Province, Afghanistan. Rudolfo was the Gunner on an MATV when it hit an improvised explosive device. He suffered numerous injuries, to include a bilateral ankle and heal fracture, a right femur fracture, and a traumatic brain injury. Since the injury, Rudolfo has endured eleven surgeries (with more pending) and countless hours of both occupational and physical therapy.

Rudolfo Moreno

Rudolfo poses with the Semper Fi Fund teddy bear!

Rudolfo traveled to Ecuador with a group of soldiers and Marines in December 2012 and the pictures below show him climbing Rucu Pichincha (4,700m/15,500ft) with the final picture of him at the Summit of the mountain with another Marine, Sgt Dan Sidles. Rudolfo stated that they posed with the Semper Fi Fund flag because they want the team to “know how much they appreciate the assistance they have received.” The Service Members continued to capture memories filled with both mental and physical challenges and accomplishments as they participated in their ten day excursion.

Rudolfo’s leg and foot injury made climbing Rucu Pichincha especially challenging, yet extremely rewarding. Rudolfo is a role model for other injured service members who are focusing on the recovery process while keeping morale high. He certainly is an inspiration to us all!

Rudolfo Moreno Rudolfo Moreno Rudolfo Moreno