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Help a Veteran Transition into Civilian Life

A $50 donation connects a veteran mentor with a veteran transitioning from military life to civilian life.


As a Marine, Jasper Heilig provided a broad range of radio communication skills through three deployments to Afghanistan before being injured when his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device. Jasper continues to serve his country. Now, as a Veteran 2 Veteran (V2V) Lead, Jasper mentors other veterans as they return to civilian life and to their communities. For some service members, transitioning from military life to civilian life is profoundly difficult. Semper Fi Fund’s V2V is an entirely new concept and is all about veterans helping veterans. It’s powerful – and absolutely effective.  Learn more

Please help us ease transition for more veterans. Donate Now to help us ease the transition for more veterans. 

Empower Recovery Through Sport

A $100 donation empowers recovery through sport with gear for our Team Semper Fi.

Why Give- Travis Noel-bike6

“Mortar rounds came close and knocked me into a brick wall, where I got a pretty heavy concussion,” says Marine Staff Sergeant Travis Noel, recalling a 2003 mission in Iraq during his third deployment. He began experiencing significant after effects from the concussion and the recovery process included physical fitness. Travis discovered the Semper Fi Fund’s sports program and has been a member of our Team Semper Fi & Team America’s Fund ever since. Learn more about Travis’ recovery.

Please help us offer recovery through sport to more injured service members. Donate Now to help us ease the transition for more veterans.

Give a Sense of Belonging Through the Holidays

A $250 donation brings a sense of belonging and the opportunity to connect through a Holiday Reunion.

Holiday party1

For some, the Semper Fi Fund Holiday Party will be their only Christmas celebration. We are thankful for this opportunity to remind our wounded, critically ill and injured service members and their families that they are not alone. We invite you to help us walk this journey of recovery with them.

Bring holiday joy to more injured service members and their families. Donate Now to help us ease the transition for more veterans.

Help Service Members Fight PTSD

A $300 donation helps an injured service member fight PTSD and depression through Music Therapy.  

Alfredo Mejia2

Alfredo Mejia enrolled in a residential program to treat his PTSD. On Mondays, music therapy was on the schedule and he was immediately attracted to the sounds of music coming from the far room. When Hannah, the wonderful music therapist, allowed Alfredo to use her small acoustic guitar, he discovered that music brought light to his life and lifted a lot of weight. Semper Fi Fund stepped in with a grant for a guitar and Alfredo soon began writing song lyrics as a way of decompressing. Music therapy has brought serenity to Alfredo and a way to clear his mind.

Please help us offer peace and serenity to more service members like Alfredo. Donate Now to help us ease the transition for more veterans.

Provide Resources to Veterans and Families

A Recurring Gift of any amount will provide resources to veterans facing a lifetime of challenges because of their wounds.


At 7 a.m. on September 11, 2001, Dan Lasko was being sworn in as a Marine. Less than two hours later the first plane crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. It was a remarkable beginning to a remarkable military career.  From Afghanistan, where Dan lost a leg … to Boston, where he ran the Marathon … to Los Angeles, where he’s been featured in a national television commercial, we have been there to assist. With your help, we will remain by Dan’s side for a lifetime if needed.  Read Dan’s remarkable story.

Semper Fi Fund has been by our injured and ill service members’ sides from day one, helping them as they navigate lengthy recoveries and rejoin their communities. We are committed to being there at the time of injury or illness and for a lifetime if needed.

To make a Recurring Gift, Donate Now and simply select “Make this a monthly gift” to empower our crucial mission of providing resources to veterans facing a lifetime of challenges because of their wounds.

Bring a Family to the Bedside

A $450 donation brings family to the bedside after injury or illness.

Sergeant Anthony McDaniel1

Sergeant Anthony McDaniel was on a security patrol when he stepped on an IED. He woke up four days later in a hospital having lost both legs and his left hand. The Fund helped family members travel to be at his bedside during recovery. One of those visits marked the first time he saw his own son, who was born the day before he deployed. Read Anthony’s story from injury to recovery.

It has been proven that wounded service members recover more quickly with family at the bedside. Please help us bring more families together. Donate Now to help us ease the transition for more veterans.

Empower Recovery Through Sport

A $600 donation empowers recovery through sport at a Team Semper Fi Ski and Snowboard Camp.

Staff Sergeant Tito Williams1

After eight years of service as a Marine, including two deployments to Iraq, Staff Sergeant Tito Williams’ life took a shocking turn when he was diagnosed with cancer. His journey has included recovery through sports with our Team Semper Fi sports program.   See why Tito says “Stay resilient. Stay focused. Don’t give up.” 

Please help us empower recovery through our sports program. Donate Now to help us ease the transition for more veterans.

Build Confidence, Skills and Camaraderie

A $950 donation builds confidence, skills and camaraderie with our Jinx McCain Horsemanship Program.

Gunnery Sergeant Thomas McRae

“When I got back up on a horse, I never felt more normal,” says Gunnery Sergeant Thomas McRae, who lost both legs, one arm and an eye as the result of stepping on an IED in Afghanistan.  He says riding horses has helped with his PTSD. Thomas has developed confidence and skills through our Jinx McCain Horsemanship Program and recently learned to herd and brand cattle at the Arizona Ranch Roundup. Read Thomas’ inspiring story

Your donation can build confidence and skills through horsemanship. Donate Now to help us ease the transition for more veterans.

Offer Independence with Adaptive Vehicles

A $1,500 donation offers independence to a veteran through adaptive vehicle controls.

~Sergeant Julian Torres2

Injured while deployed to Afghanistan, Sergeant Julian Torres is now medically retired from the Marine Corps. In spite of losing both legs, Julian says that his circumstances do not control him. A vehicle grant from Semper Fi Fund has provided independence and allowed Julian the freedom to go grocery shopping with the kids.  See why Julian is enjoying every minute of his stay-at-home dad status.

Offer independence to more veterans with an adaptive vehicle. Donate Now to help us ease the transition for more veterans.

Encourage Recovery through Adaptive Housing

A $5,000 donation limits stress and encourages recovery through adaptive housing.


Mohommad Akhtar served in Iraq as an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter and Arab Linguist and was injured when an IED detonated. Today, Moe has four children, works for the VA and is pursuing a graduate degree. Semper Fi Fund was honored to offer a backyard makeover through our partnership with the Home Depot Foundation, providing a space for Moe and his family to enjoy peace and serenity.  

Encourage recovery for more veterans by transforming homes into sanctuaries of peace and rest. Donate Now to help us ease the transition for more veterans.

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