Follow-up: Cowboy's horses go on auction block for good cause

KOTABy Ted Fioraliso | Mon 6:13 PM, Nov 14, 2016 | Link to Article and Video

 PURCELLVILLE, Va. (Gray DC) — For JT and Semper Fi, life is good these days. After walking 1,600 miles from South Dakota to Washington, they’re relaxing on a farm in Virginia, as they prepare to find permanent homes.

“The horses seem to be doing fine. They’ve recovered from their long, long journey very well. They were sound and in good spirits,” said Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Services.

Jennings is auctioning the horses free of charge. They once belonged to Tony Jones of Fort Pierre, S.D. Jones rode to Washington over five months to raise awareness of about veterans issues.

“The cowboy spirit in a lot of us was just touched by the way Tony went about bringing about that awareness,” said Jennings. “He saddled up a couple horses and rode across the country like our forefathers did.”

Bidding started at $500. Jennings says the horses could bring in in $2,000-5,000.

“Either one of these horses could go to what we call the ‘recreational home’ — people who just like to saddle up, go on trail rides, and ride around,” he said.

During his trip, Jones raised money for the Semper Fi Fund, which provides financial assistance to injured service members. The money for the horses will go towards Jones’ campaign.

“We’ll see what the country thinks these horses are worth and what they can look to their hearts to see what they can give to get a nice horse and help the Semper Fi Fund,” said Jennings.

Bidding for Semper Fi and JT closes November 21.

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