SFF Blog: Fire Stations across America graciously host Rick Hermelin during his "100 Days for the Corps!"

“It has really been helpful knowing I have a place to stay ahead of arriving at a destination” says Rick Hermelin, a 71 year old former Marine,  who is traveling “100 Days for the Corps” across the US on an Elliptigo to raise awareness and support for the Semper Fi Fund.

Semper Fi Fund's Rick Hermelin with Slidell LA Fire Chief
Rick with Slidell LA Fire Chief

Rick has been hosted by Fire/EMS Stations for more than half of the days he has spent on the road!  With more than a quarter of his journey behind him, Rick has enjoyed the company of many fire chiefs and their crews along the way.   These generous souls have shared their laundry facilities, kept Rick nourished with local delicacies (including steak and crawfish!) and allowed Rick a place to lay his head at night.   Rick is especially grateful for their assistance in making arrangements for lodging at future stops.

Read more about Rick’s adventures on our website  and on his Blog.    Also, check out these pictures to meet some of the Fire/EMS Crews who have made Rick “feel at home” and have stepped up to keep Rick on track as he goes the extra mile in support of our injured and critically ill heroes!

Want to support Rick’s efforts? 

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We’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of those individuals and organizations who are supporting Rick during his “100 Days for the Corp!”  This epic adventure and journey will allow us to continue serving those who preserve our freedom.  Please take a moment to leave an encouraging comment for Rick, and share his story with others!