Always Faithful, Never Forgotten

September 11th, 2013

Dear SFF Supporters,

It’s been twelve years since that crisp September morning in 2001 that reshaped the course of history. Who among us doesn’t still remember where we were at the moment we heard that the Pentagon was attacked and Flight 93 had crashed, how it felt to watch the Twin Towers fall? We lost more than just the lives who perished on 9/11—our sense of security, something we took for granted as Americans, was rocked to the core.

But despite all we lost that day, we never gave up hope — it’s what gave us the strength to come together, rebuild, and show the world what it truly meant to be an American. And for this, we can thank the first responders, firefighters, policemen, and everyday heroes who risked, and in some cases sacrificed their lives to save others.

And yet, even our most vivid memories fade—over time, it’s surprisingly easy to forget just how much they gave us, and gave up for us. Today, on the anniversary of 9/11, the nation pays homage to their sacrifice. But it’s my hope that every day, and not just once a year, we remember to honor these heroes.

Semper Fi,

Karen Guenther