Family honors the life of a World War II Army Air Corps Veteran with a Memorial Day Donation to the Semper Fi Fund

Robert and Tweetie Schwefel

Honoring a Veteran:

Robert Schwefel served our country honorably in World War II as a Army Air Corps Sergeant.  He met his beautiful bride, Tweetie,  while stationed in Greenville, South Carolina, for pre-war training.  They were soon married and after Robert’s departure for the Indian Ocean, Tweetie gave birth to twin girls.  A WWII War Bond penny postcard delivered the good news to the new father. After  the war, the Schwefel’s did what so many “Greatest Generation” families did — they worked hard, raised their family, saved for the future and passed on their love and dedication for our country to family and friends.


Robert and Tweetie were married for 51 amazing years.  Sadly, in 1996, Robert passed away and then this past November, Tweetie followed him at the age of 98. They left behind three loving daughters who carry on their parent’s memory and love for our country.


Honoring our Heroes:

The Schwefel family has chosen to honor the memory of Tweetie and Robert this Memorial Day by giving a generous gift from their estate to the Semper Fi Fund. The donation will go to help those who have given so much in the name of freedom.

This Memorial Day, we honor and thank Robert and Tweetie and their family for remembering all those who serve and for making sure our nation’s heroes are cared for in their time of need.


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