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Dr. Bob Koffman is the Medical Director for the Semper Fi Fund and America’s Fund.Welcome to “Doc’s Corner,” a new column dedicated to the distribution and exchange of medical information between the Fund’s Medical Director, retired Navy Captain Robert Koffman, and you, the reader–supporter, family member, or warrior.  With over 20,000 visits per month, it is apparent that our website is a preferred and trusted source for Fund related news, updates, and activities. 

Now, with weekly content delivered in an informative, relevant, and timely manner, the Fund will now offer a forum for our readers to interact directly with our Medical Director, Dr. Koffman.  Topics will follow popular health, wellness, and recovery themes. 

We hope this column will serve as a source of hope, information and tools to help you with recovery and transition. If there’s a topic you would like us to cover in a future column, please let us know.

Please be sure to reach out to Dr. Koffman to discuss themes or if you have a topic you would like him to address, request it.  Remember, to be informed is to be empowered.


Navy Captain Robert Koffman, M.D., was the Senior Consultant for Integrative Medicine & Behavioral Health at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence in Bethesda, Maryland. With nearly 2 decades of operational experience as a naval medical officer, Dr. Koffman serves as Medical Director for the Semper Fi Fund and America’s Fund. Read Dr. Koffman’s complete bio.

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Learn more about combat operational stress by watching our movie “Cover Me” and please review more important resources for help with combat operational stress and other Veteran needs.

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