Celebs help raise money for wounded warriors

By Joshua Sudock | The Orange County Register | Orangecounty.com | July 2, 2011

Ted Nugent and Davey Lind at Fundraiser in OC
Ted Nugent, left, shares some words with Master Sergeant Davey Lind Photo by Joshua Sudock, The Orange County Register


ANAHEIM – Marines, celebrities, philanthropists and other dignitaries including famed sports agent Leigh Steinberg and rocker Ted Nugent attended a fundraiser on Thursday at The Grove in Anaheim. Proceeds benefit The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, a non-profit organization that helps military families deal with the immediate aftermath of a wounded warrior’s injuries.

An otherwise festive evening turned serious when Marines Master Sgt. Davey Lind, took center stage to emphasize the real-world value of the charity. Lind lost both his legs below the knee after an improvised explosive device detonated under his vehicle while he served in Iraq in 2007.


He and his family received assistance from the group shortly after arriving at Bethesda National Naval Hospital.

“They (The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund) knew and handled everything we needed before my wife and I even knew we needed it, which was great because all I had to do was focus on getting better,” Lind explained.


Steinberg represents legendary athletes such as Troy Aikman, John Elway, Lennox Lewis, Oscar de la Hoya, and Ben Roethlisberger and might best be known as the true-life inspiration for the movie character Jerry McGuire. He also has a reputation within the military community for being a generous philanthropist.


“I am acutely aware that I didn’t serve (in the military) and that much of the success I’ve achieved in my life has been possible because so many have sacrificed so much,” Steinberg said. “I think the least we can do make sure these guys are taken care of when they get home.”

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