Dorset Marines run half way across USA

By Lisa Roose Church, The Daily Press – October 19, 2010, 8:00AM Dorset, UK – “TWO Dorset marines who are taking part in a Forrest Gump-inspired coast-to-coast run across America have reached the half-way point. The Royal Marines, Corporal Lloyd Fenner, 29, and Jamie Jobson, aged 24, are part of a six-man team, consisting of…

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Group runs so others can too

By John Mark Beilue, The Amarillo Globe – October 17, 2010, 4:19AM Amarillo, TX – “The British Royal Marine jogged along Washington Street in front of St. Mary’s Catholic School about noon Friday. He slapped hands with many of the children lined on the sidewalk, all holding small American flags.” Download PDF | Read Online

Family-Friendly Running Event

By Ann Brennan, Annapolis Patch – October 16, 2010 Annapolis, MD – “Being married to a runner is great in so many ways. Knowing that he is healthy and fit, seeing the effects his running routine has had on his body and knowing that he understands what is going on with my training are just…

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Dozens 'Ride for Semper Fi' to help injured Marines

By Brien McElhatten, KNXV-TV, ABC Ch15 – October 14, 2010 Scottsdale, AZ – “Dozens of cyclists began peddling their way from Scottsdale to San Diego Wednesday to help fellow service members in need. Fifty riders are the mission to help their brothers and sisters in arms in the third annual Ride for Semper Fi.” Download…

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Soldiers reach halfway mark in run across the US

By Myles Burke, The Telegraph – October 09, 2010, 2:52PM BST Grimsby, UK – “A team of soldiers who are running 3,530 miles coast to coast across America to raise funds for injured service personnel have reached halfway mark of Oklahoma City. The team which is a mix of four British Royal Marines, one US…

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1,000 miles run, just 2,520 to go for fitness fanatics

By Lloyd Fenner, Grimsby Telegraph – October 09, 2010 Grimsby, UK – “SIX fitness fanatics hoping to raise £1-million for injured troops by running 3,530 miles across America have completed 1,000 miles of their epic journey.” Download PDF | Read Online

Hubert man prepares for Great Race

By Aniesa Holmes, Jacksonville Daily News – September 12, 2010, 1:30 PM Jacksonville, NC – “One local resident is taking great strides to raise money for the men and women who serve America.” Download PDF | Read Online