Fox 45 Baltimore – Marine Corps Vet Cycling From ME to CA

Baltimore, MD – A Marine Corps Veteran is cycling across America, going from Maine to California. Today in Howard County, FOX45 had the privilege of getting the meet the double amputee, who hopes to ‘pay it forward.’

Rob Jones, a Marine Corps Veteran, was wounded in Afghanistan in 2011, when the IED he was searching for exploded. Jones lost both of his legs below the knee. Jones told FOX45 he wanted to do an adventure after he finished recovering.

“So I figured riding a bike across the country would be pretty cool,” Jones said.

Jones’ family and friends are anxiously waiting and tracking Jones’ every move as he makes his way across the country. This Thursday Chapelgate Christian Academy was just one stop on his 5,400 mile cross-country cycling endeavor.

Nearly every student cheered as the war hero approached the Academy. Jones is averaging 30 miles a day, and has been traveling for a month. Typically, the veteran travels for 10 days before taking a rest. Money raised during Jones’ trip will go to three veteran charities that helped Jones on his journey to recovery.

“That’s why I’m doing it in the winter,” Jones said. “That’s why I’m doing it East to West. I figured I’d do this as hard as I can and make it even more worthy of donations.”

Jones is headed to DC next and plans to make it to San Diego before May.

“When I get there, I’m gonna get off this bike and never get back on it,” Jones said.

Jones was presented with a $1,000 check on Thursday, and is hoping to raise a total of $1 million. To follow the journey visit:

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