A Decade of Dedication

Since 2004, the Semper Fi Fund has given more than 71,500 grants to post-9/11 service members and their families for a wide range of assistance, totaling more than $91 million. While the numbers are impressive, they’re just the smallest part of what we’ve accomplished.


The real accomplishments of these amazing 10 years begin to be revealed when you read some of the Hero stories that provide some of the details about the individuals and families who have sacrificed so much on behalf of us all. From enlistment to injury to recovery and beyond, these stories of remarkable service members and their families provide insights into an exceptional level of human resilience and determination that inspires us all.

That’s not an overstatement … not in the least.

Any one of the Hero stories you see on our site is packed with more human drama and accomplishment than a year’s worth of anything you’ll see on television. Over the past 10 years, the Semper Fi Fund has been part of more than 11,500 of these stories.

It’s profoundly humbling, for the simple reason that there is nothing that we could possibly do for any one of these service members that can begin to match what they’ve done for all of us through their service and sacrifice.


So as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Semper Fi Fund and look ahead to providing more assistance in the years to come, we hope you’ll join us in taking some time to learn a little more about the heroes we help—because you’re as much a part of their stories as we are:

You’re a citizen of the country for which they sacrificed so much.

You provide the donations that empower us to provide the assistance they need.

You spread the word so that we can all continue to give back to those who have given so much.

You are part of an incredible circle of teamwork that includes Semper Fi Fund staff and board members, military personnel, civilian volunteers and so many others who make those impressive numbers possible.

Thank you for your 10 years of support and for being there for decades to come!

Read their stories. Be inspired. Spread the word.


Staff Sergeant Andrew Robinson, USMC (Ret.)


HM3 Joe-Dan “Doc” Worley, USN (Ret.)


Captain Christopher Ayres, USMC (Ret.)


Staff Sergeant Octavio Sanchez, USMC (Ret.)


Sergeant Shurvon Phillip, USMC (Ret.)


Sergeant Christopher Fesmire, USMC (Ret.)