Camp Lejeune Wounded Marine Gifted Specialized Car

WITN News | | May 13, 2011


“Camp Lejeune Staff Sergeant Sam Schoenheit was left paralyzed on one side of his body after being shot in the head in Afghanistan.


After years of rehab, this highly decorated veteran is getting his mobility back. He needed a specialized car to be able to drive, and that’s just what he got for free.

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In June of 2008, Schoenheit was critically injured while serving in Afghanistan. A head shot left him paralyzed on one side of his body. The Semper Fi fund came to his aid.


The Semper Fi fund is a nonprofit that helps marines and their families during financial hardships with their injuries.

Lisa Killeen is a case worker with the Semper Fi fund who has been with Schoenheit since day one.


“He is a Marine we’ve been assisting since he was injured. As we’ve watched him go through recovery, we’ve recognized what his needs are,” said Killeen.


His biggest need right now? A set of wheels. You see, over the last couple of years Schoenheit has regained enough mobility to drive a specially modified car.


“The modifications are because I am somewhat incapacitated in my right hand, I have a spinner knob, other wise known as a suicide knob. I have a left foot accelerator put on the truck since I don’t have full strength in my right foot, its going to help me out a little bit in my left foot,” said Schoenheit.


Through private donations, the Semper Fi fund has provided this tricked out Chevy Colorado for Schoenheit.

Don’t let the pomp and circumstance fool you, this Marine is as humble as they come.


“I am not out for fame and glory, hey look at me, but it is nice to have everyone supporting me, it feels nice, said Schoenheit.

The car was provided by Jeff Gordon Chevrolet in Wilmington.


Schoenheit isn’t wasting anytime on his first road trip. He plans to use his new wheels to begin moving to Nashville, Tennessee where he’ll work on his masters degree.”

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