Camp Lejeune wounded Marine gets specialized car thanks to Semper Fi Fund

By Susy Raybon | Military Community Examiner || May 14, 2011


Three years ago next month, Marine Staff Sergeant Sam Schoenheit was shot in the head in combat in Afghanistan.


The wonder of it all was that SSgt. Schoenheit survived the injury. And now, it won’t be long before he’ll be driving the freeways behind the wheel of his new Chevrolet Colorado.


The road to this point has been long, painful, and not without obstacles and setbacks.


The life-threatening injury that Schoenheit sustained in June of 2008 left him mostly paralyzed on the right side of his body.

But years of intensive rehab have paid off and SSgt. Schoenheit has regained enough mobility to drive a specially modified car.

There have been many stories of wounded combat veterans having homes built for them, but for this Marine mobility was everything and the Semper Fi Fund saw to it that SSgt. Schoenheit got what meant the most to him, wheels.


This highly-decorated combat veteran can’t wait to get in the driver’s seat of his new pickup truck that will have the accelerator installed on the left floor-board and a knob on the steering wheel for an easier grip.


He will pre-set the radio stations before he heads out on his first road trip to Nashville, Tennessee, where he plans to stay long enough to get his Masters Degree. After that, he just might hit the road again.


The specially equipped vehicle was provided by Jeff Gordon Chevrolet in Wilmington, North Carolina.


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