Art Hill Transformed Into 9/11 Memorial

By KTVI-KPLR Staff | Midtown Fox 2 News | | September 10, 2011

Art Hill in Forest Park is going to be transformed this weekend into a moving memorial for the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Nearly three thousand American flags will adorn Art Hill, one flag for each victim killed in the attacks.

The memorial is called America’s Heartland Remembers.

Fox 2 News Photo Heartland Remembers Photo

The flags will all go into 10 foot poles that are anchored in the ground with steel. Each flag will have information about the victim it is representing.

Crews spent Friday marking off the areas then the actual flags will go up Saturday. The organizer of the event, Rick Randall, says 9/11 changed his life and he wanted to do something to honor the victims.

“I’ve tried since that day to be much more conscious of both of those victims and the military and the first responders who’ve kept us safe and free since then,” said Randall.

The display will be up through September 18th.

There will be several events at Art Hill on 9/11 with the backdrop of the flags. After they are taken down, the flags will be sold to benefit the injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

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