Alabama NBC 15: Veteran Treks Across U.S. to Raise Money for Injured Service Men and Women

Local 15 News Alabama | | April 9, 2012

(ORANGE BEACH, Ala.) – Rick Hermelin is an incredible man, in incredible shape. He’s a former Marine who refuses to let his age stand in the way of his goals. He’s fast too, covering about 12 miles per hour. LOCAL 15 News caught up with him, in Orange Beach.

Carrying only a small backpack, Rick Hermelin is trekking across the country aboard an elliptical bike.

“I’m out here on my own, winging it,” said Hermelin. “I’m loving it. I’m meeting a lot of great people.”

He’s covering 3,000 miles in 100 days.

“I’ve completed 100 half marathons, 100 marathons and 100 10K’s. It was time for a new goal,” said Hermelin.

And he wasn’t going to let his age hold him back.

“Here I am, 71, able to do this pain free.”

Hermelin’s journey started in Paris Island, South Carolina and will end in San Diego.

“I’ve been wanting to do the coast to coast run for awhile,” said Hermelin.

The mission is bigger than him. All donations go to the Semper Fi Fund.

“They raise money to help injured marines and their families,” he said.

With every mile, he’s inspiring others.

“You’re only too old, if you tell yourself you’re too old. Or if you listen to others who say you’re too old,” he said.

So far, Rick has raised $4,000. His goal is $10,000.

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