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They had our backs, now we have theirs

Gabe Martinez

USMC Sgt. Gabe Martinez talks about the importance of supporting Afghan interpreters when they arrive in the United States. 

They Had Our Backs, Now We Have Theirs

Helping our Afghan interpreters

Given the recent events in Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans are fleeing from life-threatening conditions in their country — thousands of whom served as interpreters and local guides to U.S. forces from the start of the Afghan War in 2001. They walked side-by-side with our heroes in uniform. Their bravery not only helped to keep our heroes safe, but it also helped advance the U.S. interests in Afghanistan. Now, because of their comradery and help to our armed forces, they face life-threatening repercussions from the Taliban.

This is a deeply personal issue to many of our service members. At the Fund, we always emphasize heroes as family. Service members have made it clear to us — these interpreters, who fought side by side with our members in Afghanistan, are also our family.

That is why we are launching the “Afghan Interpreters Welcome Home Fund.” This initiative will provide aid to interpreters and their families as they start a new life in our country. This aid will be delivered to interpreters and their families by service members and veterans, sending the message that “you had our backs, now we have yours.”

Please join us by donating to this initiative and welcoming our Afghan allies to the United States.

Getting to the United States is just the first hurdle for many of these interpreters — rebuilding their lives here is another long journey filled with both hardships and opportunities. Let’s have their backs and help them create a brighter future in America!