Actor and Chiefs fan Rob Riggle says Eric Berry’s story is the stuff of movies

The Kansas City Star | by David Frese | December 6, 2016  at 1:17 PM| Link to Article

KC actor and comedian Rob Riggle says Kansas City Chief Eric Berry had a day on Sunday that was the stuff of movies.

“What a good story for him,” Riggle told CBS Radio host Doug Gottlieb on Monday. “Going back to Atlanta, going home, and having a career day like that.”

Berry had two interceptions that directly and improbably led to eight points against the Atlanta Falcons. After each, he gave the football to his parents.

Berry was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in December 2014, and, after treatment and recovery, played in 2015 and was selected to the ProBowl and was named the 2015 Comeback Player of the Year.

And now this season, the Chiefs are 9-3 and about to face AFC West rival Oakland Raiders on the NFL Network’s “Thursday Night Football.”

“Look, you know, there are all kinds of stories out there,” Riggle said. “And this is a great story. This is a happy story. I hope people keep telling it because it’s worth being told.”

Riggle was prepping for the Rob Riggle InVETational, a charity golf tournament, on Sunday and missed some of the game, but he said he was following on his phone and caught all the highlights on ESPN’s SportsCenter. The golf tournament was Monday and raised money for the Semper Fi Fund. Riggle is one of the main sponsors of the annual Big Slick fundraiser for Children’s Mercy in Kansas City.

Riggle also talked about his participation in Comedy Central’s roast of Rob Lowe (which Gottlieb remarked turned in to the Ann Coulter roast) and said it’s creepy how young Lowe still looks.

“I saw a picture of him on InstaGram the other day, and I actually got a little mad,” Riggle said. “It’s disturbing. He’s Benjamin Button. He’s getting better as he’s getting older. It’s ridiculous.”

Gottleib asked Riggle if he knew “The Hangover” was going to become the quotable success that it became.

“The thing about movies is you never truly know what the mood of the country is going to be, if people are going to respond to it or not,” Riggle said. “All you can kind of say is whether you had fun filming and whether you thought it was funny while you were filming it. And we had fun filming it and we thought it was funny while we were filming it. That’s the only mark that we had.”

Riggle also talked up his Kansas Jayhawks, saying this could be the season his favorite college basketball team wins the national championship and his favorite pro team wins the Super Bowl.”

“But I feel that way every year,” he said. “Every year I start by saying the Royals are going to win the World Series, the Chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl, and the Jayhawks are going to win the national title. Doesn’t always pan out, but lately it’s been pretty great.”

The full segment of “The Doug Gottlieb Show” is below.