A Letter From our Chairman General Joseph Dunford

 To the Semper Fi & America’s Fund Family—


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wanted to reach out and let you know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers.  We understand that the challenges of COVID-19 have affected all members of the Fund family.

When the Fund was established in 2003, it was done in the spirit of keeping faith with Marines, Sailors and their families during their time of need.  Semper Fi were not just words in the name of the organization.  Our founder, Karen Guenther, and her extraordinary leadership team ensured that being always faithful was the core of our identity.  I’ve reflected on the roots of our mission over the last few weeks.  While the organization has grown, programs have changed or expanded, and we now support service members and families from all of the services, our fundamental purpose and our commitment hasn’t changed.  The Fund exists to enable those who have served and their families to adapt and overcome their challenges and enjoy the highest possible quality of life.  The Fund is also about developing personal relationships with our combat wounded, critically ill, and catastrophically injured and being there with LIFETIME solutions.  Once you are in the embrace of the Semper Fi & America’s Fund, we are there for as long as you need us.  I want our wounded, ill, and injured service members and their families to know that, during this fight against COVID-19, the Fund will adapt and be where you need us to be and when you need us to be there.  We will find a way to sustain our support and maintain the embrace of the Fund family … we will remain always faithful to you.

I can make that commitment with absolute confidence for two reasons.  First, I can say we’ll be there for you because the Fund is well postured to deal with the uncertain times ahead.  The decisions made several years ago related to our investments will ensure we have the resources to weather the storm.  But most importantly, I can say we’ll be there for those we serve because of the incredible generosity and loyalty of our donors.  The Fund has been where our service members and their families need us, because our donors have been there for us.  And we know from previous experience in navigating challenging times, that our donors will stay with us in the days ahead.  I want to take this opportunity to thank our donors for remaining always faithful and for being there when we needed you.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to wish those we support and those who support the Fund all the very best as we all try to stay healthy and positive.  We are all very proud to be associated with such an extraordinary family.

Semper Fidelis,
Joe Dunford
Chairman, Board of Directors