KDBC El Paso: 71-Year-Old Former Marine Ellipti Goes Across Country

Semper Fi Fund supporter Rick Hermelin video El Paso KDBC

By Lindsey Ashcraft – Producer | KDBC TV | Kdbc.com | May 21, 2012

EL PASO — A 71-year-old man… off his rocker… and on an Elliptigo… an outdoor fitness device similar to the indoor elliptical trainer.

“This is still running. This is running with no impact,” said Rick Hermelin.

Rick Hermelin stops in El Paso on day 60 of his 100-day, 3000-mile journey across America.
This former Marine has become a pedal-pusher to raise money for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund… and to raise awareness about life-long physical fitness.

“The fact that I’m able to do this and being 71-years-young and enjoying it. Again, I like to say all original parts, nothing hurts. And I attribute that to having a very active life,” said Rick Hermelin.

Hermelin says he packed light when he set off from Parris Island, South Carolina… with San Diego, California, as his final destination.

“I just have my backpack. That’s my support,” said Hermelin.

Fire stations across the country have hosted Hermelin… who’s relied on the kindness of strangers as he’s spent none of his own money.

“The different terrains. The different people. It’s been interesting to watch the different ecosystems you might say from one part of the country to the next,” said Hermelin.

Hermelin says he expects to arrive in San Diego June 30th.

He’s met the 50-percent mark in his goal to raise $10,000 for the Semper Fi Fund.
If you’d like to donate to his cause…visit www.100daysforthecorps.wordpress.com and click on the fundraising tab.

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