The 2013 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is upon us!

CFC LOGOAre you a federal or state employee or a member of the military?

If so, you have the opportunity this fall to participate in the CFC.  It is the only authorized workplace charitable giving drive for federal and state employees. In fact, the CFC is the largest and most successful workplace fundraising campaign in the world!

This year’s theme is “I make it Possible”.  Join us in supporting our heroes through the CFC and your spirit of public service will make the world a better place!


Here’s 5 Really Good Reasons You should select the Semper Fi Fund through the CFC!

1. Your contribution helps injured and critically ill service members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families go on to lead lives of perseverance, courage and hope. We direct urgently needed resources to post 9-11 service members within 24- 72 hours of request.

2.  The Semper Fi Fund is a highly rated charity! We have received the highest ratings from charity watchdog organizations like Charity Navigator and AIP’s Charity Watch.

3.  You’ll have the reassurance that your donation actually reaches those in need. The Semper Fi Fund’s streamlined structure keeps overhead very low – less than 6% – because we realize every dollar saved can be put to better use elsewhere.

4. Semper Fi Fund provides assistance to our injured and critically ill heroes and their families in more ways than you may realize- including:  family support, adaptive home and transportation support, education and career transition assistance, specialized equipment, PTSD and TBI support,  America’s Fund and our “Recovery through Sport” program, Team Semper Fi.

5. Every dollar counts! Together through the CFC, members of the military, federal employees and state employees can make a difference in the lives of our heroes and their families!

You can make it  possible.

Find us in the CFC Catalog under “Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund – CFC # 11459

Need a little help remembering our CFC Campaign number?
“#11459 -The honor of supporting our injured is mine!”