The Last Patrol

February 4th, 2014

The Last Patrol - Helmand Province, Afghanistan, 2010 - In the aftermath of the Battle for Marjah a young US Marine joins his last patrol. His tour of duty finished. The only thing between him, safety and his family, 28 km's of dusty road and the Taliban.


Author, Dick Pendry, has worked in Iraq and Afghanistan for 9 years, but by far his most interesting and memorable assignment was the 13 months he spent with the USMC in Marjah, Helmand. He was embedded as part of the District Stabilisation Team, and ate, slept and sweated his way through the 13 months alongside my USMC colleagues, as they all tried to pacify the local community and release the hold that the Taliban had had on them for decades. Times were tough and dangerous. Marines died and got injured, they were Pendry's friends, and they slogged it out together.

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