Ongoing Giving Opportunities: Teamotions

July 30th, 2013

teamotions benefits the semper fi fundTeamotions is honored and excited to join the Semper Fi Fund in supporting the healing and rehabilitation of our wounded military members. We have created three emotional well-being teas with a very special purpose: to support the emotional needs of our nation's service members and their families. Named after the core values of the military – Honor, Courage, and Commitment – these teas represent our appreciation of the many sacrifices made my our military and their families on our behalf.

Teamotions is proud to announce that Honor, Courage, and Commitment will be a permanent part of our line of emotional well-being teas, as well as a permanent support of the Semper Fi Fund.

TeaMotions Mug

$1 of every tin of Have Hope, Honor, Courage, and Commitment sold benefits the Semper Fi Fund. Don't wait! Place your order now. Buy them for yourself, or send them to a service member overseas.

Learn more about these teas and the support they provide for the emotional well-being of our military and their families through the Semper Fi Fund in the informational video.

"Our goal is to bring back into focus the inherent human need for emotional health and wellness. Tea is our chosen vessel, our means of reaching out to others in a tangible way to express something intangible; our genuine care for their emotional well-being. It is our belief that a meaningful existence is impossible without emotional wellness.

We hope our teas inspire you to achieve clarity, discover joy, seek peace, have hope, enjoy rest and find strength in all you do. May they comfort you as they have us and inspire you to comfort others."

Please pass this good news along. It only takes one click to show your gratitude and make a real difference in the lives of our military and their families. Please visit the website to learn more and order your teas today!