Ongoing Giving Opportunities: Queen’s Rogue – Gallroc’s Quest Trilogy, Volume I

December 17th, 2012

Queen's Rogue: Gallroc's Quest Trilogy, Volume I by S. A. Regalbuto is a mixture of "Beauty and the Beast" within an epic battle between good and evil during the time of the "Three Musketeers." Readers of all ages will encounter compelling characters moving along a strong storyline with a dash of humor. Queen's Rogue embodies a world of humans, faeries, werewolves, and mythical monsters.

The border between the werewolves' Empire of Wereterra and the humans' Kingdom of Nar is a very dangerous place to be. The humans and the werewolves have battled on and off over control of the Inimical Peninsula for 900 years. The war is on again. The Narse king appoints Lady Omen Gallroc Executrix of Defense and tasks her with securing the border with Wereterra to the south, and keeping a wary eye on other evil creatures to the east.

With the help of her mentor, Guard, and her best friend the music faerie Melody, Omen prepares to respond to the unknown intentions of the new were-wolf Emperor be they war or peace. Matters become complicated when Lady Omen encounters a mysterious masked stranger who helps her fight off a band of brigands attacking her young nephew's caravan. The masked stranger comes courting Omen. She wants to trust him, yet how can she when her instincts urge her to kill him?

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