Artist Savannah Lynne

August 1st, 2013

Savannah Lynne ArtistWhen Savannah Lynne first discovered the Semper Fi Fund, she knew that it was the organization that she wanted to partner with. Savannah Lynne will not only donate a portion of her recently released album ("Aloha Nashville"), but will also donate 100% of all the proceeds from sales of her new Pickbandz.

At the young age of fourteen, Savannah Lynne knows that by working together anything is possible. Growing up a midst the beautiful tropic backdrop of the Hawaiian Islands, Savannah Lynne is proud of many of the things that the islands offered; none so more than the many men and women of the armed forces stationed there. Much like the palm trees and waterfalls of the islands, you don't need to go very far to find our brave defenders of freedom throughout the islands.

With a great-uncle who was a field surgeon and earned a Bronze Star in Vietnam for removing a Rocket Propelled Grenade from a Soldiers upper abdomen, two great grandfathers who flew bombers in the South Pacific, and a grandfather who was a surgical tech at Ft. Ord and trained as a burn tech during Vietnam, Savannah Lynne comes from a long line of brave military service members.

You can discover her music at her website, or follow her on Facebook or YouTube.

Savannah Lynne Music Artist