Loma K. Flowers, MD

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
President, Equilibrium Dynamics (EQD)

"Combat Stress is a normal human reaction to combat experience, but it's unpredictable and invisible. It is difficult to identify in yourself and others, but you can learn to recognize it. "Cover Me" shows you people who have experienced Combat Stress themselves or have served or worked with others who have. Marines are trained to stay in the fight. Cover Me will help teach Marines when to take time out to recover their emotional balance and combat readiness, or even occasionally move on with their lives. You'll hear about nightmares, anxiety, irritability and insomnia; you will see that it's bad when you lose someone but often worse after redeployment, when least expected; that rank is no protection; and talking to folks who understand is your strongest defense. Knowing the symptoms and understanding the characteristic signs may save a career or a life - yours or that of someone you love or respect."