Wounded warrior gets back on road with bike – Injured in bombing in Iraq, Akron Marine Oy Rassavong enjoys being able to exercise.

Semper Fi Fund Coverage - Hero Stories
November 2, 2010

By Jim Carney, The Akron Beacon Journal - November 2, 2010

Semper Fi Fund Coverage - Hero Stories

Oy Rassavong rides his new adaptive bike on the trail at the Wilbeth Road Towpath. Riding is part of Rassavong's recovery from a traumatic brain injury and other wounds he suffered in Iraq over five years ago. (Ed Suba Jr./Akron Beacon Journal)

Akron, OH - "Oy Rassavong was ready for a workout.

Wearing a Wounded Warrior and Soldier Ride T-shirt and other gear on a frigid day in late October, Rassavong was excited to take his new recumbent three-wheeler out for a spin.
A $3,500 donation from Team Semper Fi, a part of the nonprofit Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, paid for the trike made by Inspired Cycle Engineering of England. It was modified specifically for Rassavong by Creative Mobility."

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Marine ‘Gumps’ Running Coast-To-Coast, Runners Arrived In Las Vegas On Monday

November 1, 2010

By FOX-5 Vegas, KVVU-TV, Las Vegas, NV - November 1, 2010, 11:12PST

Las Vegas, NV - "Nearing the end of their journey, six Marines are passing through Las Vegas on their way to complete the Gumpathon, a two month long coast-to-coast run.

"It's my way to give something back to them," runner Charles Padilla said."

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Team Semper Fi’s uphill climb

October 31, 2010

By Rick Snyder, The Washington Examiner - October 31, 2010

Washington, DC - "Marine Sgt. Michael Blair remembers the Humvee's door blowing off its hinges during a 2006 patrol in Iraq. The metal floor plates rising into his legs. Doctors said he'd never run again.

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Cyclists conquer more than desert

October 30, 2010

By Lance Cpl. Lisa M. Tourtelot, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar- October 25, 2010

Miramar, CA - "Your whole life can change in a moment.
April 11, 2005: a young Marine driving a truck in Iraq hit an improvised explosive device and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury that left him unable to walk, talk or use most of the right side of his body.

Oct. 16, 2010: that same Marine, Angel Gomez, pedaled to the finish line in San Diego with 51 other cyclists after traversing more than 430 miles from Phoenix."

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Coast-to-coast ‘Gumpathon’ challenge hitting the home straight

October 30, 2010

By The Scunthorpe Telegraph, Scunthorpe, UK - October 30, 2010, 09:00

Scunthorpe, UK - "A ROYAL marine is spending two months completing a jaw-dropping 34 marathons across America to raise thousands for three military charities."

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SC Marine wounded in Iraq still fighting – this time for benefits

October 17, 2010

By Andrew Dys, The Herald - October 17, 2010, 8:46PM

Rock Hill, SC - "Look at Brian Dunn, and you see the "USMC" tattoo across his arm, the Marine haircut and his flashing eyes when the talk is about bombers that he spent so long fighting and yes - killing - in Iraq in 2004 and 2005.
Bombers that almost killed him, too."

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A special “Thank you!” to the Semper Fi Fund: Marine Gives Thanks and Works to Help Veterans

October 15, 2010

(This letter was received from a Semper Fi Fund case worker.)
Dear Christine,

First off let me start by saying thank you so much for what you do. I am now Director of Veterans Affairs @ ABCO Technology, with a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and working on my Masters in Business Administration. My family is safe, warm and happy and I'm even losing a bit of weight. Christine, it really started with you and the Semper Fi Fund. Read the rest of this entry »

On the road with six Forrest Gumps

October 12, 2010

By Simon Rice, The Foreign Desk, The Independent - Tuesday, 12 October 2010 at 3:39 pm

Oklahoma City, OK, USA - "Whether it’s the romanticism created by books like On The Road or the wonder that comes with a trip into the unknown, travelling coast to coast across the United States is a journey with an enduring appeal.

Yet for the Gumpathon team who are journeying from New York to Los Angeles on foot, the romanticism and wonder is understandably fading. Those feelings have been replaced by blisters, soaring temperatures, various time zones, five mountain ranges and a stray dog – and they’re only halfway."

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A special “Thank you!” to the Semper Fi Fund: “I finally have the freedom that I have been praying for and your organization made it possible.”

Semper Fi Fi Fund Hero Story - Thank you from Sgt. Christopher Gion - Family and Van
September 27, 2010

Dear Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund,

Your organization has reached out to our family in only a way that can be described as “Divine Intervention”. Read the rest of this entry »

Semper Fi Fund goes to bat for wounded Marines

Ian Lejuene - Patriot Ledger article about the Semper Fi Fund
September 23, 2010

By John Reilly For The Patriot Ledger - Posted Sep 22, 2010 @ 04:02 PM, Last update Sep 23, 2010 @ 11:43 AM

Quincy, MA - "On the evening of Feb. 23, 2005, seven miles southwest of Fallujah, Marine Staff Sgt. Ian LeJeune of Brentwood, N.H., was awakened by a large explosion. Read the rest of this entry »

“Easy doesn’t inspire“ – US, UK Marines run across nation for wounded warriors

September 17, 2010

By Pfc Christopher P. Baines, Headquarters Marine Corps - September 17, 2010

HQMC Coverage of Semper Fi Fund Event - Gumpathon

WASHINGTON-Four of the six Gumpathon runners run up Massachusetts Ave. NW in their final push to the British Embassy with two Royal Marine Commandos, Sept. 14, 2010. The Gumpathon is a fundraiser aimed toward earning $1 million for three separate charities supporting the well-being of American and British wounded warriors. , Pfc. Christofer Baines, 9/14/2010 7:44 AM

Arlington, VA - "ARLINGTON, Va. - A team of six runners, including a triple amputee, are setting out across the United States to accomplish a monumental task known as the Gumpathon. To complete their ambitious journey, the team must travel 3,530 miles through three deserts, four time zones, 10 mountain ranges and 16 states.

By completing the Gumpathon, service members hope to raise $1 million for three separate charities, all benefiting wounded warriors from the U.S. and U.K.

“I got the idea for the Gumpathon from having watched the film Forrest Gump about 14-years ago,” said Royal Marine Colour Sgt. Damian Todd. “I thought of what an amazing experience it would be to run across the states, and while I did it raise money for charity. At the time I hadn’t had anything particularly in mind that was motivating enough and had touched me to do that and I kind of shelved the idea.”"

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Cross-country ‘Gumpathon’ aims to raise funds for wounded U.S., British troops

September 16, 2010

By Jeff Schogol, Stars and Stripes - September 16, 2010

Washington, DC - "British Marine Mark Ormrod was only 24 years old on Christmas Eve 2007 when he stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan, losing his legs and right arm.

But Ormrod refuses to live the rest of his life as a cripple, and today he is taking part taking part in a 3,530-mile run across the United States to raise money for injured British and American troops. "

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Kick-off Ceremony on USS Intrepid: A British/U.S. Team of Six Military Personnel to Run Across U.S. for Injured Veterans in “Gumpathon”

September 9, 2010

New York City, NY – A team of military personnel consisting of four British Royal Marines, one British Army Soldier and one United States Marine, will be embarking on an epic journey of running across the United States to raise money for U.S. and British military charities.

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A Staten Island salute to American hero Brendan Marrocco

September 8, 2010

By Carol Ann Benanti / Staten Island Live - August 25, 2010, 5:53 AM

Staten Island, NY - "The evening brimmed with pride and patriotism, camaraderie and community spirit and it all blended together so well Saturday evening at the St. George Theatre, where “CSI: New York” actors, Gary Sinise -- and The Lt. Dan Band -- and Carmine Giovinazzo, vocalist Daniel Rodriguez and comedian Tom Dreesen took center stage before a packed house of some 2,000."

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Bovington Marine goes on the run to help injured comrades

September 8, 2010

By Lucy Pearce/Daily Echo - 1:00pm Tuesday 7th September 2010

Bovington, England - "A Bovington-based Royal Marine inspired by
Forrest Gump will take part in a coast-to-coast run across America to raise money for injured comrades."

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