Marine Corps Marathon…Did you “RUN FOR THE FUND?”

November 29, 2010

Did you recently run in the Marine Corps Marathon?   Did you "RUN FOR THE FUND?"   If so, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for honoring our Service Members by raising funds so that the  Semper Fi Fund can continue its mission of assisting the wounded during the recovery process.

There are many who would follow in your footsteps, and YOU can help!  The  Semper Fi Fund wants YOUR input!   We are looking for a "few good tips," and invite you to share the wealth of your knowledge and fundraising skills with our next generation of runners and supporters, whether they plan to run in the Marine Corps Marathon, or in any number of local events.    You can to encourage others to participate  by showing them how you helped by raising "FUNDS FOR THE FUND."

Share an answer to one or more of these questions, and you can help others get involved!

1. What motivated you to run for the fund?

2. How did you get started fundraising?

3.  How did you balance training with fundraising?

4. What was your favorite thing about the experience?

5.  Would you recommend "Running For The Fund" to others?

Stephen Cochran honors Service Members by supporting Semper Fi Fund

November 16, 2010

Last year Stephen Cochran and his Kentucky buddy,  Mark Melloan,  wrote  a song honoring our deployed service men & women as well as their families waiting state side for their return.   "Alone on Christmas" is a duet performed by Stephen Cochran and Annabelle Bainum.

This year the song has been released on  iTunes  as well as many other download sites for $.99 for families to send to their missed love ones.   All Proceeds for the song will go to the  Semper Fi Fund which “provides immediate financial support for injured members of U.S. Armed Forces and their families.”

"Alone for Christmas" is also featured on Stephen Cochran's blog, where he says, "Please download it and support those who wrote a blank check to the United States and went to protect us so we could live the life we live here in America… the greatest country in the world!!"

Which 2010 Marine Corps Marathon Charity is represented by the largest team of runners?

October 25, 2010


Which 2010 Marine Corps Marathon Charity is represented by the largest team of runners?

* Answer: The Semper Fi Fund boasts over 800 runners this year, from 40 states, Guam, Uruguay, Guatemala, Canada and the UK! To follow them:

* 80 Team Semper Fi members are participating (including their family members) – our largest team ever at one event. To learn about Team Semper Fi:

To help our runners help our heroes:

Marine Dubs Anniversary of Injury as Alive Day!

October 22, 2010

Marine Dubs Anniversary of Injury as Alive Day

Justin Constantine marks the 4-year anniversary of the date he was injured with a thank you note to the Semper Fi Fund and a blog about Alive Day:

Dear Semper Fi Fund,

Good morning all. Yesterday was the 4-year anniversary of the day I was injured in Iraq. That day is commonly referred to as an Alive Day. Although I normally do not try to focus on October 18, I did write a short blog post this year with a few reflections on it. You can find it here at (we are in the middle of redesigning our website - it will look a lot better in a couple of weeks!).

I just wanted to take a moment and thank each of you for, in one way or another, helping me during my recovery. Your support has manifested itself in ways too numerous to mention here, but please know that your kind words and helpful actions have not gone unnoticed by me.

Semper Fidelis, Justin

Semper Fi Fund » A special “Thank you!” to the Semper Fi Fund: Marine Gives Thanks and Works to Help Veterans

October 16, 2010

Semper Fi Fund » A special “Thank you!” to the Semper Fi Fund: Marine Gives Thanks and Works to Help Veterans.